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Which is free / online portfolio mgmt. software for recording MF/ Stocks etc.? Is it safe to use Economic Times portfoilo wizard ?

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  1. Hi Shreeram, I’ve been using the one provided by Rediff, its pretty good. I is really simple and got a clutter free UI. Also the mobile web version is ad free thus makes is superb experience.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    You can even try our free online portfolio management tool. You can google it for “Myaccount Banyanfa”. It offers you the possibility to book your transactions manually for different asset classes. Many users have started using it and have given positive feedbacks.


  3. Dear Shreeram, a lot of sites are offering portfolio services free of cost. Moneycontrol, economic times, valueresearchonline, rediff are few of them. You may use these for your own benefit. All these are safe as you are putting manual entries for your transactions & these are not linked with your demat or saving accounts.



    1. Shrreram kulkarni says:

      Thanks a lot for prompt reply.

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