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  1. Mutual Fund investments and fees:

    1) IMO the ban on entry load is justified. No one should pay for just participating in the market
    2) I have an online broker for my stocks who also provides for buying MF. Since I like to invest in small amounts (4 SIPs of 1500 in a month instead of 1 SIP of 5000) the % loss is higher. Agreed they provide lot of investment advise as well but since I do my own research I found no use of their research. I have stopped using this broker. I deal with the fund houses directly now. As is one’s portfolio should not contain more than 5-6 funds across categories. All my investments fall within 2 fund houses and it is just a simple initial pain to set these up online. Now I am on my own.
    3) Some bank accounts let you open an investment account to buy MFs online for free. This is by far the best choice as a single log in can let you manage buyind funds across several fund houses. I did not go with this option as I am already saddled with several bank acocunts!!

  2. Ajay says:

    Regarding “is online mf investment safe? any danger of scam??”
    You can always check the statement at and confirm if the amount was invested on the date and the fund you chose.
    This is irrespective of which mode you choose to invest and which portal, organization you choose to invest.

    I have been using FundsIndia close to a year now and I am satisfied with their service.

  3. says:

    hi Bhavana,

    Its great to know that you are planning to choose the Mutual Fund route to invest your savings. It has been undoubtedly the best instrument available to Indian Retail Investors & probably would continue to be so.

    i’m also happy that you considered “moneysights” as an option & even seeked out reviews about us. As far as reviews are concerned, i wouldn’t want to bias you with mine. i would rather have you experience the “simplicity” of moneysights.

    If you have been using any of moneysights services available before this, you would be knowing what moneysights does to “user experience & service”. And i can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

    On your queries about security/safety, etc. –
    To say the least, check out my comment (no. 138) on this link It addresses almost all the queries.

    On pricing –
    Every online MF distribution site has their own price. A handful are free as well. However, amongst the ones who charge, we are certainly one of the cheapest 🙂

    If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 080-41267619 or email me directly on i would be happy to assist.


    Santosh Navlani | moneysights | making investing simple

  4. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Bhavana, As of now fundsindia is not charging any fee from the investors. Regarding security of transactions, highly secured. Ease of operation is also there.

    In case of investing on your own, you w’d have to decide, where to invest, how much to invest & till when to invest?


  5. BHAVANA says:


    I’ve some queries:

    1) is online mf investment safe? any danger of scam??

    2) what charges more offline or online mf investment?? what is difference in charges??

    3) moneysight is offering free 1st year and charging from 2nd year.can fundsindia charge
    after 1st year?

    4) other other things you will like me to know while investing online…………..


    1. TheZionView says:


      1) is online mf investment safe? any danger of scam??
      Read FAQ from Fundsindia you will have better understanding on how this works.

      2) what charges more offline or online mf investment?? what is difference in charges??
      No change in any charges. All the charges is with respect to Expense ratio of fund. It is under 2.5% for many MF.This is not deducted as units like ULIP but its calculated as part of NAV.

      3) moneysight is offering free 1st year and charging from 2nd year.can fundsindia charge
      after 1st year?
      Well a hypothetical question at this point. Fundsindia business model is based on trail commission.So if that changes in future you can always switch to other online options.

      4) other other things you will like me to know while investing online

      Online or offline only thing is to know what your doing before doing it

  6. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Bhavana, I’m using for myself & quite satisfied with the perfoamcne of the site.



    1. BHAVANA says:

      will you plz reply to the queries i posted about difference in charges and reliability.

  7. TheZionView says:

    Fundsindia would be a good choice for you. They don’t have any charges.

    First Question you should have is why are they doing it. They get trial commision which is how their business model works.

    No Account opening charge
    No Annual Maintenance charge
    No Transaction charges
    No charge for transferring your existing MFs under them

    I am using their service for more than a year now. They are really good.

    Money sights have great user interface and they have good recommendation platform.
    But Annual account maintenance charges and Transaction charges are big turn off.Especially for small investors. No one will want to pay 10/per transaction for a 500 rupee SIP every month. That is straight 2%. But if you are big investor who can afford this charges you can look at them.

    But my recommendation will still be with FundsIndia who has a excellent track record.

    1. says:

      Hi @TheZionView,

      Many thanks for appreciating our user interface & recommendation platform. i’m glad that you found it good.

      On your comment on “turn-off” by taking Rs. 500 as the amount & terming it as a big percentage, i actually was thinking that next time, i drive down to the ATM to remove cash, i would think for Rs. 500 cash withdrawal i wasted maybe Rs. 10 in petrol + time cost. Also, next time i book a ticket on IRCTC, in 2nd AC for Rs. 1000 & pay Rs. 25 as convenience free, i would take the route of offline booking as otherwise i would end up with 2.5% loss. Btw, i will also stop buying movie tickets online!

      Don’t get me wrong, but “percentage as a pricing” can be turned upside down on random examples i just gave above 🙂

      i have my 2 cents to add on “your thoughts” of some “other company’s business model” –

      While as a consumer one can certainly enjoy free or permanent discounted products/services, one probably needs to appreciate that the economics of the business are best known to people who run the product/service 24×7, 365 days a year.

      A consumer just “consumes” the service without knowing if a company makes money or looses on every sale. If you are well versed with online, i don’t need to tell you that most e-commerce businesses in country loose money on every sale but still continue to run in hope that 1 day the competition will dry up & it will start making profits, even though, meager & un-remunerative. We at moneysights don’t want to be in that boat, certainly. i can also tell you that for a web-based entrepreneur, its much easier to offer services for free than actually to be rational & “price” oneself.

      Also, “pricing & offering” is a call that each of the founders/ promoters at all these companies have taken knowing their own business economics, cost structures & MOST IMPORTANTLY value to the its customers. Moneysights team FIRMLY believes that its NEITHER in our interest NOR our customers to run something which doesn’t have economic sense & hence is un-sustainable. It will not be out of context here to say that SEBI re-introduced transaction charges to some extent after a lot of thought (optional to the agent that we haven’t opted for). The reason has been given as “economic” only.

      Even prominent pro-retail investor journalists like Sucheta Dalal has criticized “the blanket” entry load ban. In a post not far in the past, she mentioned –
      “While cutting outrageous commissions is laudable (as with mutual funds and insurance), doing away with it completely can end up hurting retail investors who are, in fact, the segment that regulators hope to protect and benefit. Without reasonable commissions, retail distribution is an extremely expensive business. SEBI seems to think that the market will find a way. It will—by ignoring the retail investors.” (link here –

      If a person like Sucheta Dalal says something which doesn’t sound in interest of retail customers, i would sit up, listen & act. After all, moneysights plans to run this business for the customers. And for that “we need to survive so as to be in a position to serve”.

      Feel free to convey your thoughts…i would be certainly be interested to know.


      Santosh Navlani | moneysights | making investing simple

  8. Pls do check us out at – free, fast, convenient online platform for MF investments from over 30 mutual fund companies.



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