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POSTED BY bm_mantri ON February 14, 2012 8:43 am COMMENTS (5)

There are lot of advertisement on online job opportunity. They guarantee that you are able to earn handsome amount of money by working 1-2 hrs daily.

Appreciate your comment / articles on this topic . So people will be aware about these type of scheme and protect their hard earn money

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  1. BanyanFA says:

    Avoid such scams. They take your personal information and come back with nothing. Just consider if you were the owner of such website, why would you go to the market offering this opportunity to others. Won’t you have people employed under you to do the job and mint money ?


  2. True as Ashal said I would have to state 99% of such opportunities are of the bogus kind.

    Since we are talking about personal finance here let make sure we get this clear – Anyone who asks you to pay money to do work for them ===> 100% fraud. Stay away from such schemes.

    Some advertisements say: Pay Rs. 1000 to get Rs. 10000 worth of outsourced work. LOL! If they need the initial 1000 they may as well pay you only 9000 instead of 10000 – simple logic right. Stay away from such schemes.

    However – genuine jobs do exist in the data entry sector. I have friends who manage firms in the KPO industry and the demand for people is really higher. Any data entry job will need one to sign confidentiality agreement on the contents etc. so the company would get such things signed from you in a very professional way. Such companies would not tend to cheat you – like making you work for 20 hours and not paying etc. because the content you get to see is very confidential, the leakage of which is more costly that not paying you wages.

    There is a flip side which will go back to Manish’s article here sometime ago. The documents you submit for Background check (PAN, Address proof) can be misused but we face such situations for any new financial transaction/relationship we embark on – doing KYC/Applying for Loans/Applying for credit cards etc.

    So unless you land up such an opp. from someone who you know very extremely well and as long as you don’t spend a single PAISA from your pocket to do it – go for it.

    1. Ashwin B N says:

      Hi ,
      You mentioned about online job in forum . So i would like to know is their any opportunity their . If you know please let me know

      1. Dear Ashwin, Please read the discussion again to clear your doubt. I’m not recommending any online job.



  3. Dear bm_mantri, After the last year’s scam of Speak Asia, do you need one more to burn your fingers? Please answer yourself.

    In case you are unknown to Speak Asia, Just google Speak Asia Scam.



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