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POSTED BY MADHUKARA A.R ON March 18, 2013 8:16 am COMMENTS (2)


I gone through with the NSEL e gold and e silver schems, is it worth  investing in gold in small units, i can redeme the gold when ever i wish. i am not intrested in investing in gold etf , gold fund, or any funds which does not returns physical gold.. advise me  if u have any infomations about  NSEL or any other service prividers.


Madhukara A R


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  1. Dear Madhukara, what’s your idea to put money in NSEL’s E-Gold? I’m not using the word ‘investing’ intentionally.



  2. buying gold in small units makes sense only when there is an actual need for it. Buying physical gold for investing has higher tax implications. Invest in gold only for long term goals and only for purpose of diversification and not more than about 10% of portfolio. It is in this context (also lower tax outgo, security ect.) that ETFs and Gold funds are preferred.

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