NRI Term Insurance

POSTED BY Deeraj Shetty ON August 3, 2013 8:18 pm COMMENTS (3)

Live in SIngapore

Indian Citizen

Looking for Term Insurance (Maximum Cover of 5 Crores Sum Assured)

Dont want to do medicals

Non Smoker 

DOB August 7th 1982



1. What is the maximum Sum Assured any company will provide for NRI Term Insurance?

2. What is the cheapest Policy currently for NRI Term Insurance

3. What is the longest Term (maximum age) I can get Life Insurance for?

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  1. swapnilparikh says:

    I took term insurance of 75K from Aviva in 2013 when I was in India. In 2015 I moved to SGP, will that Term insurance still be valid? Can I continue paying yearly premiums? I have already emailed Aviva that I am in Singapore.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    In my experience both Aviva and Bajaj Allianz could help in NRI term insurance.

    As Ashal mentioned, you don’t have a choice for medical. For such a large sum assured, you would be scanned thoroughly for medical. And the medical would need to happen in India. So please coordinate it with the insurer several weeks before you are coming to India.

    Have you considered taking an insurance in SG itself ?

  3. Dear Deeraj, why are you reluctant for medical? Is there something with your health which you are trying to conceal? Please check with Edelweiss Tokio. Not many Indian insurer ‘ll provide you term cover you are asking for. Interestingly, you like or not but for the sum assured you are quoting, medical is compulsory. 🙂



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