NRI Returning to India – Expectations from a financial planner

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Hello Mr. Manish,

I’m a 32 year old engineering professional (Automotive) returning to India in April after 7 years. I came across your blog very recently, became instantly attracted to your articles on various financial topics. I have also had a quick glance through your services (ex: financial planning…etc) and seriously thinking about subscribing for one.

The short comparison table in which only a brief details on which topics will be covered were provided. but i’m not sure which one i have to take first. So i need your advice based on my below expectation to select a suitable product. Before that i have to admit that so far my investments are only in land and gold, I have not invested in others options like FD, MF, stocks due to my lack of knowledge in them. But, as many financial guru’s would say one has to diversify his/her financial portfolio. Hence I would like to start investing in other safe and secured investments once i’m back in india.

I expecting the following,

1, Analyze my current financial situation and advice appropriate Do’s & Dont’s

2, Detailed information about safe & secured Mutual fund investment

3, Detailed information on Health and Life insurances

4, Knowledge on stock market (Already had one bitter experience and that was my last attempt)

5, Smart ways to invest in stock market (Do’s & Dont’s)

6, Other investment options which are safe and secured

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Seeni, not many Indian insurers offers covers to NRI. But once you are back in India, you can purchase one from the insurer of your choice.

    Having a personal health cover has added advantage as you never know when the T&C of your employer policy may change in the name of cost cutting (prem. saving by removing some of the benefits available to employees).



    1. seeni_pv says:

      Dear Mr.Ashal,

      Thanks for your prompt reply.


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Seeni, how about reading this first?

    jagoinvestor. com/forum/finacial-planning-faqs



    1. seeni_pv says:

      Dear Mr.Ashal,

      Thanks for the recommendation. Appreciate all for the effort invested in creating such very useful thread. It really helped me to improve my knowledge about medical and life insurance (to some extent on asset allocation). At the same time it makes little worried about the fact that I haven’t taken any term policy (except a 10 lac life insurance paid for 20 yrs in which I’m now in 6th year), pension plan, etc Would you please answer my following question,

      1. I have read there is both online and offline term policies available. Is it possible to start a online term policy while still in abroad? As it sounds like can be done through net, if so do I need to hold SB acc in that particular bank?
      2. If my company offer me and my family medical insurance coverage, Will this sufficient?

      Thanks in advanc for your reply.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi Sreeni

    We do not advice any thing related to Stock Market. We in our service just analyse your personal finance and give you a detailed roadmap to follow over next many years . For more , watch the videos on services page and schedule a call with us .


    1. seeni_pv says:

      Hello Mr.Manish,

      Thanks for your prompt reply. I will look into the video clips as you advised.


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