NPS – Need help!!!

POSTED BY Bond Bhai ON November 27, 2012 9:50 am COMMENTS (2)


  Anybody here has invested in Pension scheme? NPS ( I see it has few advantages

1. one of the lowest management charges.

2. Withdrwal is “Tax Exempted” (Not sure if this is already in force)

3. choice of different investment “styles”

4. Also a choice of Fund managers!

Any idea how good it is or how bad it is? Can anybody help with the pros/cons? Most of the articles i have read on the internet was sritten sometime in 2009/2010. Need to know the current perspective!

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  1. Bond Bhai says:

    Thanks 🙂
    That was exactly the question! Nobody talks about returns etc. Now, even the fund management charges have increased as well. So wanted to know if this is good or not!

  2. But how much pension will you get ? Is it clear 🙂 . ITS NOT . What will you do if they choose to give you 3.5% ?

    What about liquidity ? Can you take out the money incase you want for some other purpose ?


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