NPS funds doing well. Should We invest?

POSTED BY vishal dogra ON May 30, 2013 10:55 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear All

Please read this Article on NPS Fund and suggest me about this.

Is it the right plateform to invest.


Vishal Dogra

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  1. Genoa says:

    You’ll need to do Ph. D degree to understand how NPS works. It’s very complicated investment scheme.

  2. Dear Vishal, in it’s current structure, I ‘m not investing my own money in NPS. Let the DTC kick in with favorable situation for NPS & we can decide at that time.



  3. Look at the detailed return details here:

    Investing in NPS depends on how your asset allocation is for your retirement.

    PPF+EPF+Equity MFs is typically enough for retirement.

    At 50% equity and say 25% in G and 25% in C it is just a decent balanced mutual fund.
    Once the DTC kicks in NPS will become more attractive.from tax point of view

    Are you okay with creating a pension with at least 40% of your corpus when you retire?

    You will ask yourself these questions. For that you need to read more on retirement planning

    Do you know how much to save for retirement? etc.

    General advice: Best to stick to MFs+ EPF +PPF for retirement unless there is a specific tax benefit from investing in NPS

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