Not able to understand “Part-Payment” status on my SBI home loan ?

POSTED BY gsharma297 ON July 12, 2014 8:30 am NO COMMENTS


My 21 lac home loan is going on since year 2010 . Earlier the EMI was 16k , however after third year the scheduled EMI is 21k , However for last one year I am paying just 16 k because of outstation hassles and paperwork.

I see in my statements that there is something called part payment and it is increasing every month.

2. what is drawing power in loan account , why in my case it is bigger than outstanding amount ?

3. my outstanding is 18.83 while drawing power is 19.75 ,  In 3.5 years did I just pay 2 lakh rupees of principle ?

Please help, I doubt if these SBI guys are playing on something.



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