Not able to get my LIC

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I have trouble getting my LIC.

Let me tell you briefly about myself.I became visually impaired after a brain surgery in 2009 for epilepsy. Now I don’t have epilepsy.

I applied for LIC’s amulya policy for 50 lakhs in July through an agent. The agent took a cheque amount of 15,000 saying that this was for different medical tests ,etc. In the subsequent months many tests were performed. Some of the tests were specific to epilepsy. Everything went fine. It is 7 months and I have still not got my policy. Quite recently I got a mail that I need to get “Present status from the treating surgeon, his observation whether life proposed has chances of further attack and current medication”. This surgery was performed in Kerala and the treating surgeon is abroad most of the time.
I had already given the discharge summary of operation earlier to LIC which mentions my medication which is being tapered slowly. Kindly advise what I should do? I am in Bangalore, I cannot go outstation to just get a letter from the treating surgeon. Even if he is in the hospital, he is a very busy person. I don’t know why I am being harassed. Should I withdraw the money and go to another insurer?Please advice. I have also sent a mail to compaints of irda

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  1. sanju says:

    Hi Ashal,

    thanks for the reply. sorry for the late comment.

    Ok. Are you saying that nobody will give a LIC to me? Just feeling curious and down…

    1. Dear Sanju, in the proposal form of new insurance policy, every insurer has one common question – Do you have ever applied for a policy & the same was denied or prem. was loaded up? If yes please provide the details. Once you put in your LIC experience (actually you should do it compulsorily) It’s up to the Insurer to accept your proposal or reject.

      I’m not saying you ‘ll not get a cover. Merely discussing the possibilities.



  2. sanju says:

    After a month or so, and nearly a year later, LIC is deciding that it will not issue me a policy.
    I thought that LIC will understand my situation after I wrote to them my inability to go outstation and get a letter from the surgeon, but to no avail.
    Kindly do tell me, how do I go about this? Now which company’s policy should I take considering that I am visually impaired after a brain surgery? I would like to take the policy depending on the maximum amount of claims settled by that company. Please help…

    1. Dear Sanju, for the given situation, please apply for offline term plans of ICICI or HDFC or Kotak or Aegon Religare or Aviva. You may give a try to SBI also. I’m not pin pointing any single company as I’m not sure, after knowing the LIC policy denial to you, how many insurer from this list ‘ll offer you cover at all?Once you are able to get a policy for yourself, please update us.



  3. sanju says:

    Hi Manish,

    I checked the Bank account statement, and it shows that the cheque has been credited to “LIC OF INDIA”. I remember that I wrote LIC of India on the cheque. He said that the initial amount is a deposit and if the lic is not given to me, then it will be given back.

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks for the advice.

    Dear all,

    I believe I had given the cheque in june and according to the bank statement, the cheque was credited in the beginning of july. Then I was called for usual tests of height, weight,etc. I kept calling the agent about the status.
    After a few weeks, I was called for questions pertaining to epilepsy. After this also I kept calling the agent for status. He replied that nothing has come from the office.

    Again after a few weeks, I was called for some questions pertaining to central nervous system. Again I kept calling the agent.

    After several weeks, I sent a mail to the branch office, no response. I called up the branch manager. He said that my case had been referred to the CMR and GMR. i.e. Medical Referee. The decision is pending with him as to whether proceed or not. He also said that he was going to escalate the issue and that he was expecting a reply within two days. I waited for about one or two weeks and I kept calling him and the agent. That is when the mail about requirement of surgeon observation came. Now I have written a mail to the branch office about the inability to get such a letter and also informed the agent who said that he will talk to his manager to see if anything else can be done.

  4. Dear Sanju, In my view, first of all purchase an online term plan from ICICI Prudential – I-care or Aviva’s I-Life. Once this IPru policy is there, start fighting for this LIC policy. As of now for past 7 months your life is uncovered & that’s the biggest risk you are carrying.

    Please check from your bank records that the 15K cheque was indeed credited in LIC’s account. Please do cross check the same from LIC branch also.



  5. Also ask your agent to show you the proof that LIC asked for that cheque , else it might happen that agent just told you like that and took the cheque , on whose name was the cheque ?

    1. sanju says:

      Hi Manish / All,

      What do you suggest according to my latest post above(yesterdays)?

  6. sanju says:

    Thanks deepak. I will do that and post the results here.

  7. Deepak R khemani says:

    Amulya Jeevan Is a term plan. You DO NOT NEED TO PAY 15,000/= for any medical tests for an LIC policy. It is only if the policy is refused by you or LIC that you will need to pay for the medical tests, only a small upfront payment needs to be done that should not be more than Rs 2500 – 3000/= Maybe they required a few extra tests for epilepsy in your case, anyway if you are unable to produce a certificate from the doctor you need to inform LIC in writing about that, You can also contact the Branch Manager of the LIC office in which your application was submitted, and if you do not get a satisfactory reply then you can contact the senior divisional manager of the division in your case Bangalore and finally if you do not get a satisfactory reply you can take it for granted that they are not really interested in taking up your case. A phone call or a letter or email to the concerned CRM section will work wonders.

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