No Due Certificate received, but still have “written off” status in CIBIL Report ?

POSTED BY vijaykumar ON December 21, 2013 8:05 pm COMMENTS (3)

Respected sir,

I borrowing personal loan Rs 17000 in indiabulls at 2007,then i borrowing business loan from fullerton india Rs,15000 in 2008,

above 2 loans i am not pain some dues,so they banks are report to CIBIL,then last year i paid all outstanding dues in my account,so that 2 banks are give NO DUE CERTIFICATE. But still my CIBIL score is 770,i am applied business loan in HDFC at last week,they are rejected, decline reason is my India bulls account status is “WRITTEN OFF”.so they are rejected,

second thing is i applied business loan in Fullerton India,they are also rejected,rejected reason is settlement in my fullerton india account,i am paid full and final settlement in 2 banks then i have a no due certificate also,

I complaint to indiabulls bank,but they are telling Please note that as your repayment in loan the same was defaulted due to whcih the Written off status is updated in CIBIL score card as per process the CIBIL database cannot be updated.

how else i do? Now we can not bank on my credit needs?

regrds ,


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vijay, on the basis of No Dues certificate, please file a complaint with CIBIL to remove the ‘Written Off’ status. On your complaint CIBIL ‘ll take up the matter and after confirming the same from the 2 lenders, the status ‘ll be changed.



      I have availed crop lone in Indian overseas Bank with the account number 053002000000722 on 06.9.2007 and i have cleared all my dues and closed my account
      but in my cibil another account number (05300200209300722) is reflecting till date on same crop lone and my cibil score is badly effected due to this also my housing lone application was rejected due to this
      Ihave approached the bank and requested clearance letter which is attached withi this mail

      1. Jagoinvestor says:

        What reason are they mentioning for not showing closure in their records?

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