NIL TDS Return essential?

POSTED BY Arup Kr. Dey ON April 6, 2013 11:24 am COMMENTS (3)

Anybody help please?

HUF has a unsecured loan and HUF give interest on unsecured loan only yearly(31st march every year).
HUF accounts get audited u/s 44AB.
Then How this HUF file TDS Return.Q1,Q2,and Q3 interest is zero,then is this essential to file a nil return?or it will submit return in form 26Q in 4th Quarter only?

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  1. Dear Arup, as there was no transaction in prev. qrtr. you can file as it is.



  2. Arup Dey says:

    Actually Ashal, I have told them the same ,but the karta says that we just give interest yearly , from next year they will give interest quartarly, But what about this year?Can I submit return in form 26Q for 4th Quarter only?

  3. Dear Arup, why the HUF in question is not paying interest on qtly basis to ease out the matter?



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