New SIP Opening Suggestions Required

POSTED BY Vinu ON January 19, 2012 12:16 pm COMMENTS (4)

I am planning to open the SIP in HDFC Prudence fund growth Fund From April 01, 2012 onwards for monthhy Investment of 2000 to 3000K. Kindly clarify the following questions:

1. HDFC Prudence fund growth NAV rate is presently Higher at 196. Is it good to invest in this fund or Good to invest in Newly started funds which are at lower NAV’s. Which is profitable and how does that works?

2. If I open SIP for 3 years and want to withdraw after 2 years, do that cost me anything as Exit load is only for 1 year?

3. Also Please suggest if any other Good Funds to invest.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Vinayak says:

    Thanks Ashal.
    I am Starting my First SIP. I will invest in HDFC Prudence Growth Fund.

  2. Dear Vinayak, Todays’ 200 Rs. NAV fund was once upon a time 10 Rs. NAV fund. So what does this 200 Rs. NAV tell you? Over the period, this fund has perform brilliantly & thus it’s NAV has risen to such levels.

    To invest or not to invest ‘ll be a personal call.

    Each individual SIP has it’s own 1Y period to avoid that exit load.

    HDFC Prudence is a good fund to start with, if it’s your first fund. In case you are already investing, here are few top performers –

    HDFC Top 200
    Quantum Long Term Eq.
    Franklin India Bluechip




    Dear vinayak

    1. Pls dont see the NAV. Invest in the funds which has good fund management, good track record .

    and moreover u should not generallly see the NAV. the units will be alloted to you according to today s date. while redeeming those units u will get on that day NAV. dont get carried away that low NAV gives high no of units.

    2. I ll explain u the exit load. for every SIP investment exit load of 1 year is there. say I am starting one sip on jan -2012 investing till jan -2013. if we stop our investment on jan -2013 and reedem at jan 2014 we will not have exit load.

    3. Based on ur risk apetitte select any of the funds.U can search in this blog. u will get wonderful answers.


    1. Vinayak says:

      Thank You Very much Vignesh. Also thanks for providing the link which explains SIP.

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