New Pension Scheme – How to calculate pension fund

POSTED BY Kunal D ON December 25, 2012 12:23 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish,

             I am a NPS investor from past 3 years and have been depositing around 10~15K p.a., as it helps in tax saving.

I need to know a simple calculation to ensure a comfortable pension in my retired life [though I have 30 yrs to retire :)]. Any guidance is welcome.



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  1. Dear Kunal D, what are your current Mly expenses?



  2. Kunal

    I know you want to go into detail, but given there is so much time for your retirement , calculating things for that at this moment will only lead to worry 🙂 .

    What you need to focus is you should have 15 times of your yearly EXPENSES as your retirement corpus at the minimum

  3. My dear Kunal,

    I am NPS subscriber too (not by choice but because I am govt employee).
    No one knows the annuity rate or pension that one would get from NPS as of now as the rules are yet to be decided!

    If you want to use a simple retirement calculator
    here is one

    This is not related to NPS.
    You should consider other options such as MFs to fund for your retirement and not depend on NPS alone. Fund managers changes and it is still not a clear product.
    I dont have a choice you do. So limit your investment to NPS

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