New Bima Gold (Money back plan) – Surrender value

POSTED BY Karthik ON August 31, 2012 3:25 pm ONE COMMENT


I have a LIC policy – New Bima Gold
Sum Assured  100,000
Half Yearly premium 2599
Policy started on Nov 2006
Premium paid till now = 31188 (6 years, ie 12 premiums)

I have received a money back amount of 15000 on 2010 Nov.

If I surrender this policy, will there any Surrender value?

Should I make four more payments of 2599 to receive another 15k money back on 2014 Nov?

or, just surrender the policy now?

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  1. Dear Karthik, yes the policy do has a surrender value as on date. How, much, please check LIC for the same. To continue or surrender right now ‘ll depend upon the surrender amount & your own choice. From return point of view, this is not a good investment policy (insurance is already very poor in this policy hence not commenting on that).



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