NEFT Transfer Not Done in ICICI Bank – No Satisfactory Answer from Bank

POSTED BY curiousraj ON October 15, 2014 11:08 am ONE COMMENT


On 3rd of October 2014, I scheduled a NEFT transfer of Rs. 30,000 from my ICICI Bank Account to Standard Chartered Bank Account with transfer date as 6th of October 2014.

On 6th October at 06:42 Morning my ICICI bank account got debited of 30,000 + NEFT charges. I kept on checking Standard Chartered Account internet banking but money did not get transferred.

Then at 19:00 hours I called ICICI Phone Banking raised my concern. To my surprise I came to know from executive that it is bakrid holiday today in ICICI Bank so money could not be transferred. I kept on asking why it was debited as today is no NEFT holiday, to which she had no reply.

She transferred my call to her supervisor. Supervisor told me that it is RBI holiday because of which transaction was not done. Then I visited RBI website ( and selected Regional office as Hyderabad (as suggested by him) then I found Bakrid in the list of holidays. Now I asked him why amount was debited from my account if there was RBI holiday. To which he too did not had any answer.

Now I request to all JagoInvestor Forum users to please let me know answers of following questions:

1. Who is at fault in my case? RBI or ICICI or Both

2. Does RBI follows 2 lists combined for NEFT Transfer (NEFT Holidays as well as Regional Office Holidays)

3. What action can be taken against bank for this irresponsible behaviour.





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  1. Hemanth says:

    It depends on how banks are functioning. Some banks (hdfc, icici) debit amount soon after the request is placed. Some banks (axis bank) debit the amount actually when the NEFT is processed.

    In your case, it is first one. It is the technical glitch with ICICI…

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