Needs tips for extra income generation

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There is always a point in everyone’s life when a person is short of money.

It may be due to some emergency expenses cropping up/medical needs/need for bigger home etc.

This at time leads to either personal borrowings from relative’s or may be personal loans etc.

In emergency I guess it somethign which probably not in your control and you would tend to try all the avenues…

I think most of salaried people would tend to agree that we all are in a corner at times financially.

I am currently thinking if one’s salary is only growing say at the rate of 5-10% and also inflation is as well moving upwards.So eeven if we geta  raise your cost of living has also increased propotionally so actually its not going to benefit.

My question is how can one generate extra income. Any ideas/suggestions….



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  1. That depends on the person.

    Real estate (if you own any) can be used for passive income. If this is not applicable then immediate extra income generation comes down to one question:
    Do you have any talent for anything? or Do you have time?

    If you have time, then there are many freelancing jobs available (content writing etc.)

    if you have talent you can easily figure a way out to make money out of it.

    For example you can write a blog and after a few years generate advt income from it.

    There are no quick-rich solutions. Hard work is essential. Talent will help … a lot!

    1. Atin Sehgal says:

      Thanks FFC

      The thing I have a young kid with Cerebral Palsy.
      75% of my salary goes into medical treatment and his education and therapies.

      Hence I was looking for extra income so as to not depend on my parents for support.

      I am a sales person , BE – Elec & Telecom done MBA.
      My wife is NIIT graduate knows php etc.

      Any suggestions for kind of work you can suggest.

      1. The extra income you are looking for is almost like a second full salary. Unfortunately unless you work 24X7 on anything I am not sure how this is possible.

        You will basically need a second full time job. You come back from one and go to the second.

        I cant help you with any. If you are up to working like that then you will have to apply like you did for your current job. I am dont think that is practical.

        if money is what you seek then you need to search for a jobs unrelated to your qualifications without regard to social status.

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