Need to know more abt. CASIO FC 200V calculator.

POSTED BY Milind A ON March 18, 2013 7:20 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi! Manish,


I’ve got CASIO FC 200V calculator, useing for the purpose of Financial Calculation.

Though there is a mannual comes with the CalC, still I’am facing some operating

difficuilties, like how to calculate Compound interest? How to calculate Return on Mutual 

Fund interest? or How to calculate PPF invetment? Retirement corpus to calculate? & so on…

There are short cut keys or formulas relating to all this. Which are not explain in mannual.

Secondly, I want to know does NISM allow to use this kind of Calc to solve their Certification




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  1. Dear Milind, in this era of excel, why are you not using that. As far as question of Calc. to be allowed in NISM exam, please check the website for details there or contact there for the same.



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