Need to know a medical insurance for my mother aged 62 yrs

POSTED BY Kunal D ON August 27, 2013 10:27 am COMMENTS (5)


  I am on the lookout for a medical insurance plan[Sum Assured – 5 lacs] for my mother aged 62 yrs with no ailments.

Can anybody suggest which company /plan will be better which has a good track record in medical insurance.

What all critical parameters need to be check before purchaisng a medical insurance plan for Sr.Citizens and others?





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  1. Dear Vijaya, why are you not adding your parents in Religare policy as individual policies where you ‘ll be proposer?



  2. vijaya kumar says:

    Hi I want to take health insurance to my father (54 yrs.) & mother (47 yrs.). My dad has obesity and high blood pressure and my mother doesn’t have any health issues. I had taken recently Religare care health insurance to me and my wife.

    Can anybody suggest me the good health insurance for my mom and dad?
    How much sum assured is minimum is needed at this age?

  3. Dear Kunal, as your mother is on the wrong side of the age, not every insurer ‘ll cover her. Please check with PSU as well as bajaj, Max Bupa & Apollo.



  4. Kunal D says:

    Hi Ashal,
    I have a medical insurance from my employer – provided by ApoloMunich.
    This does not cover my mother.

    My wife’s medical insurance from her employer covers my mom – provided by Oriental.

    I wish to take up a new medical insurance for my mother and my family – in addition to employer provided ones.

    I need to know which insurers [Govt & private] will provide cover for Sr.Citizens at a reasonable cost and have good track record.


  5. Dear Kunal, from which insurer you are having your own health insurance?



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