Need Suggestions for my family finances ?

POSTED BY mahee.hmp ON August 6, 2014 6:35 pm NO COMMENTS

Hi Manish, I have gone through most of your articles. I need a suggestion from you. I’m a software engineer and I’m earning 50k and my wife is earning 15k monthly and our savings are as below

My savings

5k for chit

10k in MF(SIP in different firms)

5k SIP for Reliance liquid fund

2k for RD (which is diverted to pay LIC premium) .

My Wife Savings:

10k in MF (SIP in different firms)

5k SIP for Reliance liquid fund

recently we are blessed with baby girl. i would like to divert some fund for my baby’s future. further I can afford to invest 3k more per month. Please suggest me some good plan. whether to invest in RD or to invest in MF again or any other plan. It would be helpful for me if you suggest whether I’m on right track or not. And need suggestion whether what ever fund diversion that we are doing  is in right direction.



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