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POSTED BY Sushanta Choudhury ON June 27, 2011 8:19 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear All,

I am an ardent follower of this site since long. Following the various suggestions & comments I have made some investments in mutual fund. Now I request you to review my below portfolio & suggest further.

I am 25 years old. 2 years back I started Rs1000 SIP in HDFC top 200 & Reliance RSF equity growth.  And this year I have invested in DSP-BR top 100 equity growth.Apart from that I have started PPF from this year Rs.3000 pm. I have no insurance or any other investments. Plz suggest what else investments should I make.

 My calculation is to see the fund value when my age will be 55. Is it the right way I am going.? Will the funds be able to meet my expectation of 12-15% return over 30 years.  I dont want to break or swith the fund as this might not give me the benefits of compounding over long term.Plz suggest.

Further I am planning to add IDFC prem equity & HDFC prudence in my folio. Will it be a right choice or I am moving to much towards equity. Little bit confused. Kindly guide me on the issue.

Thanks in advance.


S. Choudhury, Vizag 

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  1. Sushantha

    I can see your portpolio has around 60:40 or 70:30 of equity and debt ratio . THis is ok .

    But as you are 25 , you can be more aggressive , I would say limit the PPF to just 2k per month and not more . Better invest in same funds which you have right now . Dont add many funds in your portfolio , limit it to 4-5 max

    Also on returns front , though 15% is possible , but dont expect so high , look for 12% returns over long term , provided you are reviewing the funds also .

    Dont leave your funds , keep a track on them and review them each year . No fund will survice for 30 yrs , you will need to change them in few years


    1. Sushanta Choudhury says:

      Thank u very much Manish ji for you reply. I will seriously take a note on that.

  2. Ashis Patra says:

    HDFC prudence is better as it’s more balanced fund considering you have good exposure to pure equity.

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