Need suggestion on my Mutual Funds Portfolio of size 5

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I have been investing in 5 SIP’s for past 2 years for 7000/-. Can you please suggest me, if i have invested in the right funds. My objective is for a long term goal of 20+years towards retirement. My current age is 35.

HDFC Equity Fund – Div Reinvest – 2000/-

IDFC Premier Equity Fund – Div Reinvest – 2000/-

Reliance Pharma Fund – Div Reinvest – 1000/-

Reliance Banking Fund – Div Reinvest – 1000/-

Reliance RSF – Div. Reinvest – 1000/-

Let me know, if i have to revisit my choice of funds. I would like to invest another 10k going forward along with existing 7k.

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  1. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Banking and Pharma funds are more riskier than an equity fund as these are sectoral funds… As from last few years banking, pharma is having good time, you are getting good returns, this may not continue for ever…. so just check on these funds….

    What is your idea of investing in Div-Reinvestment ??

    You can check PPFAS Long Term Value Fund …. I like their investment philosophy….

    PS : I am not a distributor of PPFAS.

    1. yesdhina says:

      Thanks Hemanth.

      As you have mentioned about the Banking and Pharma fund, i have the idea of closing out and investing in some other good funds/existing funds. Can you suggest me which funds i can invest in 15k to 20k?

      At times, when the dividend is provided, i get the profit out of the fund. That’s the reason i opted for Div. Reinvestment.

      1. Hemanth Chandra says:

        In Div. Reinvestment…. u will not get any dividend…. the dividend will be again invested into the fund….

      2. Hemanth Chandra says:

        I already mentioned PPFAS above….. u can also check Quantum Long Term Equity Fund

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