Need Suggestion On Investments already Done…

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My Portfolio
My Age is 29 yrs and I am a Central Govt Employee having 32K (in hand) monthly salary.
I have one son of 8 months. My father is retired for the past 1 yr.

My Current Investment is as follows:

LIC Policies

1. The Endowment Assurance Policy

PT: 20yr SA: 50,000 P: 2507(Yearly)

Start From: 2005

2. Jeevan Anand

PT: 21yr SA: 2 Lakh P: 10,369 (Yearly)

Start From: 2007

3. Jeevan Anand

PT: 15 yr SA: 2,50 Lakh P: 19,546 (Yearly)

Start From: 2011

4. Jeevan Varsha

PT: 9yr SA: 1 Lakh P: 15,671 (Yearly)

Start From: 2009

HDFC Policies

1. Unit Linked Young Star – II

PT: 25yr SA: 2,40 Lakh P: 2000 (Monthly)

Start From: 2009

Premium invested in Growth Fund –II

2. Unit Linked Pension –II

PT: 24yr SA: -NA- P: 12,000 (Yearly)

Start From: 2008

Premium invested in Growth Fund -II

3. HDFC SimpliLife

PT: 15yr SA: 1 Lakh P: 20,000 (Yearly)
Start From: 2009

Premium invested in Growth Fund –II

Mutual Fund

1. HDFC Top 200(G): 1000 (Monthly) Since Oct 2011

NPS (Mandatory By Govt)

Currently Rs 2871 monthly. Deducting since 2009.


1. Do I need Term Insurance?

2. What are your suggestions to my portfolio described above.

I want good amount for my son’s future education and for his marriage.
If required I am ready make any policy as paid up/surrender.

3. I do not want to invest any more money in the market for 2 years from now other than
continuing the above mentioned policies/funds. I want to re-balance it first.

4. Is it required to take any policy for children or in the name of Wife?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Dear Sudhanshu, as You & your father & mother are already covered by CGHS, no need to go for an outside health plan.

    Instead of I answer directly to chose between Aviva & Aegon, I want to ask you, at what age your financial liabilities towards your family ‘ll be over? Is it age 50 or 55 or 60 or 65 or 70 or 75Y?

    Please answer it. The choice of age for financial liabilities completion ‘ll be the age for which you should opt the term plan.



  2. says:

    Thanks Ashal for your reply…
    Currently with all these policies running I have covered 80C.But as you suggested after surrendering all the policies other than Pension plan then the figure you mentioned will rightly hold.
    I havent think of taking Health insurance ….
    I am already paying to CGHS, will it not be sufficient…??
    Also, my father was a Railways Central Govt Employee.He also has medical facilities.
    Now, as far as Term Plan, I have finalised 2 companies ..Aviva i-Life and Aegon Religare.
    Out of which Aviva has Premium of Rs, 4412 and Aegon is providing with Rs 5,000(almost).But Aegon is giving it for 75 years of age as compared to Aviva which is giving it for 60 years only.
    Which to opt for…??


  3. Dear Sudhanshu, You are already paying total yly prem. of 1.04L Rs. & yet your sum assured is just 9.4L Rs. only. On the other hand, your NPS contribution is around 34500 Rs. yly. So from taxation point of view – you have scope for 65000 Rs. investment only for tax benefit under section 80C.

    The prem. for your proposed term plan ‘ll also help to bridge this gap. Depending upon your age, I assume the prem. ‘ll be around 5K Rs. so the tax saving investments ‘ll be just 60K Rs. yly. Out of the existing policies, please surrender all policies except Pension ULIP. Keep it running for few more years. Another 12K ‘ll go as prem. into this pension ulip & hence you ‘ll left with 48K tax saving amount only. Please invest the same 48K in ELSS from next FY i.e. 2012-2013.

    What about health insurance for your father & mother & any income of your wife?



  4. Dear Sudhanshu, It’s not like that, that we answer only MF investment queries. Dear Abhishek’s suggestion was a serious thing for you.

    Regarding your portfolio restructuring, first of all purchase a Term cover & come back here on this forum & all of us ‘ll try to help you.



    1. says:

      Dear Ashal,

      I have posted a reply that I am going to purchase a term plan in the coming week.
      But as said it would be helpful if u provide any suggestions regarding my policies….



  5. Most of your policies are going to give not more than 4-6% returns , so from investment point they will not serve you in long run , the money is assured, but they are of no use becaause years later when you get it , it would be worth nothing .

    from insurance point you again stand no where .

    1. Yes, you need term plan

    2. I mentioned my view .. you need more strong investments for long run

    3. If you have already decided that you will not invest anything for next 2 yrs ,no point if suggesting anything . To rebalance your portfolio , you will need to invest somewhere.. so where do you plan to invest to rebalance ?

    4. Its a myth that just taking a policy in name of someone will solve the problem . What you have to focus is what is your long term goal and what you want to achieve ?


    1. says:

      Thank U Manish for replying…:)
      After having a constant reader of your forum for the past 1 month,I looked into my portfolio and found the same as you said that money is assured from these policies but these will not going to serve my purpose of child education and marriage,also for the same amount of investment I can get good return if I invest it somewhere else.
      What I meant by not investing for 2 years is that enough has been invested and I first want to make some policies paid up/surrender and then that policy’s premium be invested somewhere since I am not left with anymore money with these policies payment.
      So pls help me regarding above mentioned policy , which to make paid up or what action can be taken against which policy…?
      I can invest anywhere as you suggest, also I can take risk.
      I am planning to take term plan of 50L from Aviva i-Life.Is it Good plan….??


  6. Abhishek says:


    You need a good financial planner in your area to give u these answers seeing your complete portfolio.. Will be difficult to answer your questions in this forum.

    All the best !


    1. says:

      I am disappointed….
      Only queries regarding mutual fund can only be helped in this forum…:(

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