Need suggestion for investing lump sum amount in debt fund

POSTED BY Sandeep ON June 24, 2013 12:05 pm COMMENTS (7)

Dear Ashal and FFC,

I am expecting 5-6lacs from PF/gratuity in 2 months after leaving my current job. I am planning to invest in debt instrument for duration 3 months to 15 months (should be flexible i.e. able to redeem if required; even more than 15 months tenure for some amount).

I checked Liquid, Short, Ultra short, Income and Gilt but confused which option(s) shall I opt, whether growth or divident pay/reinvest and how much of amount should I allocate? 

I already have Term, Health ins plan; also SIP of 15k/month and emergency fund around 2L. Tax bracket: 20%.

Could you please assist/guide me?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sandeep says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Did you mean all the lump sum (or by STP) amount in QLTEF ?


  2. Dear Sandeep, who is stopping you to put this amount into Eq. MFs (QLTEF) as you want to invest for long term?



  3. Sandeep says:

    Thanks Ashal and FFC!!

    I dont want to withdraw this amount as its more beneficial for retirement but transfer takes more time. Currently there is no immediate requirement of this amount as I have enough emergency fund.

    So, Is there any instrument (other than FD/PPF/transfer to other PF account) where I can invest this amount for long term e.g. till retirement or more than 5-10 yrs? (current age is 36yrs)

    (P.S. I already invested in Quantum Liquid – STP – Quantum LTE)

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Dear Sandeep, as you are not sure of the time frame. a pure vanilla liquid fund like Quantum Liquid fund should be the choice for you.



  5. Sandeep says:

    Thanks FFC!

    I am expecting comparatively better return than FD (considering TDS on FD).
    As mentioned above, I would prefer some amount (2-3 lacs) to invest more than 15 months (may be 2-3 yrs). which option would be better; both return and taxation point of view?

    1. I would look at the importance of the goal and therefore risk I could afford.

      if the goal is crucial and only 2-3 years away I will go with ultra-short term funds 6-7%
      If I can afford a little more risk then I will go with an income fund (well established fund house and low risk profile) like Templeton India.

  6. If you want something which may redeemed in 3 months or 15 months then a liquid fund (growth) has liquidity with no penalties. An ultra short term fund may also be okay although it has a slightly higher risk.

    Don’t worry too much about returns.

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