Need information on property rules and regulations

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We own a house in chawl, residing there from 1988.

We are paying 165 Rs. rent to the land owner.

Is there any rule passed that if we are paying rent for particular span of years than even a land owner can’t ask us to leave the place?

If we are selling out our home to the third party, then do we need to pay some amount to the land owner?

We have constructed the 1+1 house (constructed 1 more room above the original room. “Hope you got it 🙂 “), So if we are renting our above room to someone else, then do we need to pay some percentage of rent to the land owner per month?

Can I get the information on propert rules and regulations on any website.

Bhavin Nagda

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  1. Dear Bhavin, the answer to your query ‘ll change according to the state you are living in or rather the property is situated. In my opinion, by constructing another room to the property in question, your rights are in trouble no matter how long you had been enjoy such cheap tenancy rights. Moreover, you are going to sell the property which is not of yours’ or you do not have legal title to sell. Inviting more trouble as this ‘ll amount to fraud & forgery & you may be prosecuted for the same. Please do it at your own risk.



  2. This is a very very grey area.

    The buyer will usually not be comfortable first with not owning the land and just the building. Again since the land owner also appears to have lost the right it is also technically right to say they cannot demand a percentage of the sale. It has to be worked out amicably between the land owner, house builder/owner and a prospective buyer!

  3. Bhavin Nagda says:

    It will be helpful to me ,

    If i am getting the answers to my other question as well.

    Bhavin Nagda

  4. The land owner has legally lost the right to ask you to vacate if you have stayed there and paid rent for 24 years!

  5. Bhavin Nagda says:

    I didnt got your point , Can you please explain it in detail.

    So the land owner has got the rights to ask us to leave the place.. I have mentioned that “We are staying here from 1988, that is more than 14 years.”

    So can you plelase answer my other questions as well.

    Bhavin Nagda

  6. By law if the owner has not enjoyed a property for 14 years he/she ceases to own the property assuming the same person was enjoying the property for that duration. [This is why Lord Ram was asked to spend 14 years in forest away from the country so he loses the legit right to own the property). This is also the reason people ask tenants to vacate after some years without letting them stay longer.

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