Need Info on SBI Max Gain home loan- Surplus amount parking

POSTED BY SonaSanju ON October 22, 2014 12:07 pm NO COMMENTS

Dear Ashal, We have taken a joint home  loan primary name being Mine & 2nd my husband\’s. Our property is under Construction. Loan Amount: 25 lkhs ROI: 10.1 Number of years: 20 yrs We have opted for direct EMI. I have a few queries regarding SBI MaxGain OD a/c 1. EMI as per calculation comes to 24292. But SBI has Levied 24919 as the EMI. What could be the reason for this difference. 2. SBI Bank person is asking us not to park any surplus amount before property registration. Is it true That we should not be parking any surplus amount?  Then what is the use of OD a/c?

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