Need help to get the refund.

POSTED BY Mayank Mohta ON October 12, 2012 9:51 am COMMENTS (4)


I have made a booking form Travel Chacha from Hyderabad to Delhi on 4th of September and since I choose wrong dates while booking the tickets I made an immediate cancellation. I got to know that my ticket has not been booked and in that case I am entitled to get full refund and even I have received a mail from Travel Chacha that I’ll be getting full refund in 2-3 days time. When I contacted them after a week of getting the mail I got to know that it is in process and due to some payment gateway problem, the refund will happen in 10 days.

After 2 week I again called them up checking the refund status, then they told that my refund is in process and it will be in my card by Satruday which didnt happen. After that I am calling them repeatedly once in every 2-3 days but every time I am hearing the my refund is in process and due to some payment gateway it is getting delayed.

Now its more than a 40 days my refund is not yet come and as per the rules it should happen in max of 20 working days. Now I am helpless as my refund is still not processed and no proper communication from Travel chacha guys.

If any one can provide me some pointers how I can get my refund back please provide me.




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  1. Try . They have good record of resolving complaints . Lets see

  2. Mayank Mohta says:

    Hey Manish,

    Thanks for your response. can you please help me in providing some pointers to file a proper complaint against them.


  3. HARI LAL says:

    In my opinion, the ticket holder contact directly the Railway authorities along with PNR reference for refund due, if any.

  4. Mayank

    the only thing right now you should do is file a proper complaint , but before you do that , I suggest you file a simple complaint with


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