Need advice on SIP for my wife with the goal of less risk reasonable returns

POSTED BY Manish ON January 31, 2013 11:37 pm COMMENTS (4)

My wife is an orthdontist with monthly income around 25k. Practically she doesnt have to pay much income tax.

Now she wants to save around 5K permonth. I m thinking of doing an SIP in a balanced or MIP fund. Any guidance on what kind of fund would make sense specially given her tax status. It would be great if you can suggest a few as well. As of now I have reliance MIP or HDFC prudence in my mind.


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  1. Manish says:

    we did have that discussion a while back where she wanted me to invest in Gold for her. I did invest a little in gold that time. Beyond that she did not have any inputs.

  2. Dear Manish, just wait for a min & ask for her opinion also. There is every possibility that she may provide a better solution on her own.

    I’m interested to know her views also.



  3. Manish says:

    Its my idea. She just wants to invest and save with good returns.

    I am thinking this because I am looking for instruments with limited risk Vs full fledge quity funds. MIPs I have read have around 20% equity exposure which looks right to me for her.

  4. Dear Manish, is it her Idea to invest in MIPs/Balanced funds or you are feeding your own to her? If it’s her idea, why does she want to start with MIP/Balanced & If it’s you, why you are thinking the same?



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