Need Advice on good health insurance for parents who are senior citizens

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Hello Manish, I Came across your post when searching for a health insurance for my parents and bro. Thought of reaching out to you to take your suggestion. We reside in Hyderabad. Can you please let me know what Medical Claims I can opt for.

1. My Parents are Sr. Citizens but still they keep good health, visits docs mainly for Homoepathic.

2. My Mom has problem with his knee which I want to show to a good doctor, who might probably suggest for an operation.

3. They visit Dentist atleast once in 4 mnths either for cleaning , or some other activities.

4. buy medicines in medical shops but I can say it would be very less.

5. Is it possible claim the Homeopathic medicine and doc expenses.

My Bro is in his mid 20s too need a Health Insurance

Can you please suggest a good insurance for my parents and brother. Thanks in Advance! Aravind

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  1. Raja says:

    Getting health insurance for people over 45 is really difficult. If your company provides you with an option to insure your parents by paying extra premium, go for it. Even if some insurer is ready to give you insurance, check on the waiting period before you can make any claims

    1. says:

      Hello Raja, They do provide but when I am in India. Currently I am in States so, searching for an alternative.

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Aravind, as both are Sr. Citizen, you don’t have much choice. Please opt the insurer whoever is ready to provide cover. In case you are thinking that first you ‘ll purchase cover and after that within next 3-6 months ‘ll go for mother’s knee operation and claim the same from insurer, sorry dear, your claim ‘ll not be honored.



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