Need a suggestion for health insurance

POSTED BY Archana Bhapkar ON March 28, 2012 10:52 pm COMMENTS (3)

To All,

I want to take health insurance for my family .
My Father- 59 yrs healthy , Mother -50 yrs hypertensive
My Father in law- 62 yrs healthy, Mother in law- 59 yrs diabetic type-2
Myself -27 yrs old healthy .

For all elders i would like to go for individual policy coverage from 4-5 L
Please suggest with name of some good policies.

could you please list me some policies in which there is no waiting period for per-existing disease.

Archana …

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  1. says:

    Ashal Jauhari ,

    very happy to see your reply .
    As per your suggestion i will look in respective policies for the same .
    what is your an opinion about medimanage ? Is it worth to contact them for best search .
    Thanks a lot for all & should like to thanks to manish also, as for sharing financial knowledge & lot other things ..
    keep it up guys wishes to u all .

    1. Dear Drarchana, you may contact I have not used their services personally but some positive feedback is available online for them.



  2. Dear Archana, in case of parents & in laws, as the age is no wrong side, the only policy with immediate coverage for almost all preexisting decease is Star Red carpet. Please take a look for Max Bupa & Apollo also for your need.



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