National Pension System

POSTED BY sainath ON March 31, 2012 11:11 pm COMMENTS (4)


Thank you so much for such a wonderful site.
Can anyone breif about National Pension System somehting which is started by govt for both public and private employees.

Thanks in advance..

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  1. Bidyut Malakar says:

    Can any one kindly descibe in detials about National Pension Scheme. in investor point of veiw.?

    1. sainath says:

      Thank you manish..

      It is more detailed …
      I believe it is same thing like any mutual fund managed pension scheme.
      I think it is better to control over allocation of money by our own rather than giving it to somebody else…

      1. Dear Sainath, the biggest problem with NPS as on date – No clarity on the pension provider or pension rate as on date. Regarding the corpus creation, as the NPS has the option to have a max. 50% exposure in to Eq. (although through Eq. ETFs), NPSD is better than the retirement oriented funds – Templeton India Pension Plan & UTI Retirement Benefits Plan.

        In my personal opinion – I w’d like to create my own corpus & to purchase the pension at the time of need, not from a mandatory way.



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