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‘Jagoinvestor’ is really a Guide for investors like me. I have little knowledge about the MFs and the related terms, but with JagoInvestor my knowledge reached to some high 🙂
I learnt a lot from these. Really appreciate the good work you guys are doing here.

Please review my portfolio and please guide me in taking correct decisions to continue/discontinue any of these funds.
I have made an SIP in the following:
HDFC Tax Saver Growth – Rs. 2000/month
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Growth – Rs. 2000/month
ICICI Pru Pension plan – Rs. 2000/month
BSL Mid Cap Fund Growth – Rs. 3000/month
BSL Frontline Equity Fund -Div -Payout – Rs. 5000/month

If I should discontinue from any of the above funds, please let me know in which fund I should invest in?
Note: I am planning to discontinue ‘BSL Frontline Equity’ and make invetmnt in ‘DSP BR Large Cap funds’. Please suggest


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  1. Nattu

    Assuming that you are doing these investments for pure “growth” purpose . You should get out of SBI Magnum Tax Gain Growth and better invest in some other tax fund . HDFC tax saver is still fine .

    I would say dont get out of BSL Frontline Equity Fund , its really a good one . Not sure why you are in that pension fund

    1. nattu says:

      Thanks Manish for the valuable inputs.

      About the ICICI Pension fund, I took it some years back on an agents proposal, so just continuing it.
      And the SBI Tax Saver, I also observed, it is not performing well, but thought it would perform better so just been with it.
      BSL Frontline Equity Fund, I started investing in it since lat 6 months and since then it is performing the same or bit negative, so thought of getting out of it.

      So, as per your suggestion, I’ll stick with it for some more time.
      Please suggest me some funds for long term to invest and also exiting from SBI Magnumand ICICI Pru, where should I invest ?

      Really appreciate your comments 🙂


      1. After you exit frrom those funds ,, there is no need to get new funds , you can just invest in same funds which you have other than that ICICI pension and SBI Magnum .. 4 funds are enough actually

      2. Dear Nattu, you are not learning enough from jagoinvestor. Why am I saying so? Just after 6 months of your investment in BSL FL, you are going to dump the fund?

        Please give to this fund. Please divert SBI Tax Gain money to Quantum Long Term Eq. fund. Later on as & when you stop investing in HDFC Tax saver, this money also should be moved in to QLTEF.



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