My Cibil Score is -1. What is it ? Can i get home loan ?

POSTED BY Murugesan M ON March 7, 2013 1:53 pm COMMENTS (8)

Dear sir,

           Recently i have applied for a Citibank Credit card and it got rejected and they sent me CIR Cibil transunion score is -1. I dont have any credit card & Loans earlier.  But I have tried 4 years before for credit card and Personal loan 3-4 times but everything not sanctioned because that time i was a Bachelor and lived in Bachelor accomadation ( Mansion ) . Because of that it got rejected and there is no default in my accounts like Cheque bounce/DPD etc.

Now my worry is can i get a home loan ? or credit card with any other bank ? or what to do to improve my score? Please advise me.

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Murugesan,

    Yes, it is a right move and will help build your credit score.


  2. Dear Murugesan, yes. Please avail a Fd linked CC for say 20K limit & start using it regularly for day to day purchases of 3-5-7K mly limit. this ‘ll improve your credit score for sure.



  3. Credexpert says:

    Dear Murugesan,

    Your CIBIL score is -1 since you have no credit history. Opt for a secured credit card that will help build your credit score thereby minimizing the possibilities of a rejection due to low or no credit history.


    1. Murugesan M says:

      Dear Sirs,
      Thank you all for your reply’s . I have planned to take Fixed deposit Credit card..
      Is it Right move to improve my credit score?

  4. Dear Ashish, as per forum policy, giving direct contact info is prohibited. Please keep this thing in mind next time. This is to protect you from spammers.



  5. ashish mine says:

    I had a similar problem with CIBIL. I got in touch with Credit Sudhaar( ) The entire experience was a pleasure, the price was right, the counsellors were always courteous and well informed.

  6. shiraz lakhani says:

    Cant get dear…Pls check your CIBIL report…

  7. Dear Murugesan, please apply for your credit score as well as report on your own. Please look in to it. there is very much possibility that your case is in NH – No history as you are not using any crdit facility.



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