My Choice of DEBT FUNDS

POSTED BY sunil ON May 10, 2013 7:42 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear All,

I have figured out the below Debt Funds to be a part of my portfolio, require a quick run trough and let me know if i have missed anything.

The investment strategy would be lumpsum at times and in SIP at times.

My investment horizon is 4-5 years, and this debt part should be serving as a debt part of my portfolio.

My equity exposure is only 2 funds.

Quantum Tax Saver and Franklin Tax sheild.

My choice of Debt Funds….

1. IDFC Dynamic Bond Regular

Avg Maturity : 5.77 Yrs, Credit Quality : AA, Expense Ratio : 1.2, Total Assets : 3998

2. Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Ret

Avg Maturity : 3.65 Yrs, Credit Quality : AA, Expense Ratio : 1.17, Total Assets : 14660

3. Templeton India Income Opportunities Fund

Avg Maturity : 3.07 Yrs, Credit Quality : AA, Expense Ratio : 1.65, Total Assets : 3019


Given the interest rate cycle to go down, shouldn’t these funds with Avg Maturity @ 3-4 Yrs be doing good?.

I am inclined to BSL Dynamic Bond Fund and IDFC Dynamic Bond Regular


Please suggest if any one has any other thoughts…


Thanks in Advance,


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  1. sunil says:

    Ashal, this is for a period of 3-4 yrs…
    am expecting close to 9 % returns…

    i have opted for BSL dynamic Bond Fund.

  2. Dear Sunil, what ‘ll you do after 1Y or 1.5Y, when the rates ‘ll be at bottom?

    in my personal opinion, only one fund from the selected funds can do the job to you.



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