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POSTED BY Madan ON March 26, 2013 5:19 pm COMMENTS (2)

Why has the concept of mutual funds taken so long to pick up in India?

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  1. Dear Madan, the idea of MF investing is still in it’s early days. the total business is not more than 25 cities of India. Onus lies on everybody, investors, producers (MF companies), intermediaries, regulators.



  2. We have some popular 20 year old funds. If I am wrong the earliest MF was started way back in 60s.

    To answer your question, try answering why only a small portion of our country invests in equities (stock or MFs). Because most of us cannot stomach volatility and don’t understand the difference bet volatility and risk

    Most of us will do anything to save taxes but refuse to understand the simple concept that the primary reason to invest in stock is to beat inflation.

    The point is if one is risk averse then one SHOULD invest in equities. This simple idea must be marketed properly

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