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Hello All,

Asset allocation is very much imp i have ever heard for good planning.

If so, is it good to invest in one multi Asset fund rather than investing with different asset as well as diff cap funds?

How it can be compare with cost wise?

I am reffering here Qauntum Multi Asset Fund for example.


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  1. dear Jig, I already answered your query, the Cost & tax implication ‘ll come into picture for the portfolio churning to rebalance your desired asset alocation. How can I answer this thing? if you feel Quantum Multi Asset is a god fund for you, please start investing in it. We w’d like to hear from your own experience.



  2. Jig says:

    thanks ashal for reply,
    This is kind of general info but how it will be different in cost and value of money if i wana compare the cost of direct investment of 3 different asset class and direct investment in such one multi asset fund.
    I thought it will be an interesting subject if keep risk factor aside.
    Thanks once again

  3. Dear Jig, in a multi asset fund like the one you are referring to, the decision of increasing or decreasing the exposure to any asset class ‘ll be taken by the fund manager. Whereas in our personal capcity, whe we are investing on our own, the choice lies with us. That’s the basic difference.

    Cost & tax implications ‘ll come into picture on the chruning rate of each individual’s.



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