Mutual fund success stories

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Hi, I am looking for mutual fund success stories:

Have you met a major goal in life, like retirement, childrens education, marriagre or house by investing a significan amount in MFs (not direct equity) either by SIPS or periodic purchase? Can you share with us how you did this?



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  1. pattu says:

    Thanks Manish, Yes I have used a similar tool at value research. I know most of your readers are young late 20s early 30s (not too old myself!) I thought it would be nice to hear such stories if available. Maybe Shubra will be able to say something about this.

  2. Pattu

    I am not sure if you will get many people here who will have those kind of stories , the reason is simple

    – Most of the people here are young or recently started investing , I am sure 90% janta would be who have not invested for more than 5 yrs in a row .
    – Its very rare to find someone who has not got out of his fund at some point of time because of emergency or because of fear of market going down , hence intrupting compounding and blocking wealth creating in a way .

    However , you can see yourself if it was possible or not to remain invested in some fund in acheive target in 10 or 12 yrs ? Use this calculator ( to test virtually a user who had a goal and see if he was able to acheive it or not , provided he was disciplined enough to remain invested

    What do you say ?


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