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I have this Aggressive Growth Portfolio from Investor’s Guide show on ET NOW:

Fund Name                                          Portfolio %
DSPBR Short Term-G                               10
HDFC Equity-G                                        20
ICICI Pru Dynamic-G                                15
IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G                  20
Reliance Regular Savings Equity-G           20
UTI Opportunities-G                                 15

Now how can I evaluate these funds for there mixture/overlap of companies and sectorwise breakup also.



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  1. says:

    Hi Rockky,

    i would suggest you enter this portfolio details with amounts in You will get to see how aggressive the portfolio is on a scale of 1 to 10. Plus, you will also see what kind of companies/sectors/market-cap/asset-class exposure this portfolio would give you in effect.

    You may also want to try the free recommendation service to see what kind aggressive portfolio you can go for. moneysights uses best portfolio management practices to create MF portfolios that protect downside & generate optimal returns in long-term.

    Hope this helps.

    Santosh Navlani |

  2. bharat shah says:

    you can get registered for login the ‘’ and there you will find to put the details of your thought of portfolio. then its ‘x-ray ‘ will show you what you need.

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