Mutual Fund NAV History

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I am looking for a website from where I can download NAV history of all mutual FROM inception as an excel file. I need it for a calculator I am making.

Can you point me to a source?

I have searched quite a bit and am not happy with any of the available resources.

Franklin Templeton’s website gives you this quite nicely for their MFs only (obviously!).

HDFC gives this but in a terrible excel format.

Personalfn gives this for MFs but only from 2000 or so.

Is there a resource which does this for all MFs?

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  1. PRANAVSHAH says:


    Did you find this database? I am looking for something similar…. and it seems even after 3 years there isn’t much that has changed in terms of finding these data!

    1. DeveloperArrow says:

      I can build it for you – which will also refresh intelligently any time you like. How much are you willing to pay?

  2. Pattu

    It would be tough to get this kind of data in a neat format . Lots of of companies actually pay a lot of money to buy this kind of data (and much more) . So I dont see any reason why you can get this data for free in a very neat format .

    Let me know if you find any ?


    1. Thanks Manish. I got this from AMC websites. Among AMCs Franklin Templeton is the best in this regard.

      PersonalFn is also good for NAVs from Jan. 2000.

  3. Ashish Garg says:

    Earlier a site called used to provide lot of information on NAV history of all the funds in single table, but recently they have revamped the site and I could not find such information.

    May be you can check that and see if you could find something there.


    1. Thanks. Yes I am aware of this. This plots the NAV for last 8 years. I can’t get it in an excel file. It is however a very good resource.

  4. Dear Pattu, you w’d have to collect data manually from all the AMCs or at least frontline AMCs. 🙂



    1. Thanks Ashal. Unfortunately even that is not user friendly

  5. kramasundar says:


    Also try different links under “Investor Zone”

    1. Dear Ramasundar, thanks for your response. AMFI does not list nav beyond a certain date and certainly not from inception.

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