Mutual fund investment – Suggestion needed for my retirement

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I am Dinesh. I would like to invest in the below mentioned schemes for my retirement. My current age is 35 and would like to retire @ 55 or 60. I would like to invest around 16 to 20k per month on these funds. Am working in IT filed. I need your suggestion, if the below selected funds are correct. If not, let me know, what should i do to enhance my portfolio.

Large Cap – UTI Equity Fund

Large & Mid cap -ICICI Pru. Dynamic Fund

Mid & Small cap – ICICI Pru. Value Discovery Fund

Balanced Fund –  HDFC Balanced Fund.

I would like invest either 4k or 5k in these schemes monthly in SIP mode.  I would like to achieve a corpus of 3-4 crores when i retire. I would like to take Risk.

Moreover, i would like to have my idle money to put into Liquid funds. Suggest me which fund is good. Do i need to put them as a Lumpsum or something kind of intervals like SIP?


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  1. Senthil T says:


    Reg. Liquid fund, you can invest with your existing AMC – for example ICICI which you have listed above. And if the lumpsum amount you have is idle and has no associated goal in near term, then you can invest in lumpsum instead of SIP.
    Though you have mentioned you can take risk, we should still have debt component in our portfolio, like PPF or Debt funds to safe guard our self from volatility.
    Please use the Retirement calculator in Freefincal (Courtesy Pattu Sir), to understand the monthly investment required and the spilt between equity and debt component.

    Reg the schemes you have mentioned above, I will leave it to the experts to advise.

    Hope this helps.


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