Mutual Fund Investment

POSTED BY Atul Rajendra Nadkarni ON February 18, 2012 6:43 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hiiii to All,
My Mutual fund investment are as below, i want suggestions & your views on the same and also suugest me good mf for future in equity diversified funds & balanced funds:

SBI Gold Fund – G 1000/- SIP
HDFC Gold Fund – G 1000/- SIP
Reliance Gold Fund – G 500/- SIP
Tata Balanced Fund – G 500/- SIP
Tata Equity P/E Fund – G 500/- SIP
HDFC Equity Fund – G 1000/- SIP
HDFC Top 200 – G 1000/- SIP
HDFC Balance Fund 5000/- LS

Atul Nadkarni

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  1. CJ says:

    Hi Atul,

    I guess you need to diversify a bit more. You are too much focused on Gold fund it seems.
    Any specific reason ?

  2. Dear Atul, can you specify a reason to invest in 3 Gold funds? Again the reason to invest in 2 balanced funds?



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