Mutual fund investment

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I want to raise an amount of 10 lac in next 6 years, then how much monthly investment would be needed and which are the best funds to invest? Also, assume that I can increase my investment by 10000 per year.

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  1. Dear Rajan, the 2 funds in discussion are enough but the mly money you want to invest in may not be enough. As of now start with More money into HDFC MIP as it’s for the near term goal. As & when your cash flow permits, increase your SIP amount on a different date in the Eq. fund for house goal.

    Invest 7K Rs. in HDFC MIP LTP & remaining in Quantum Long Term Eq. Fund.



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    Thanks Ashal for the response,
    But how much I should invest into these two funds per month? also, these two funds enough or requires more to achieve that goal?

  3. Dear Rajan, For your house funding as the basic goal is 6year away, you may think to invest in pure Eq. funds but for that marriage goal, please invest primarily in debt funds ir hybrid funds with low on eq.

    For your house goal, please invest in Quantum Long Term Eq.

    For marriage goal, invest in HDFC MIP Long Term plan.



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    Yes..I do answer..

    Well my objective is to accumulate 6-7 lacs money for buying a house (Whatever initial payment that has to be made and rest can be a home loan) and also I need some 3-4 lacs for marriage after 3 yrs. so there are two goals basically.. My plan for house is after 6 years..from now.. As I said I can increase my investment by 10k per year but I can even invest more depending upon salary hikes in coming years..

  5. Dear Rajan, thanks for the update but my dear friend, you forgot to answer, why are you saving that 10L Rs. or what’s the goal you are saving for?



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    My current investments are Rs. 1000/- PM SIP in HDFC TAX SAVER since 6 Months
    10K investment in LIC Per Year (1 yr already passed) (Jeevan Anand Policy)
    And my Cash Savings can be 10K PM (Assumming my salary never increases!!! )

  7. Dear Rajan, May I know the specific reason or goal for that 10L Rs. amount?

    Also please do tell some other details for your current MFs & other investments?



  8. Put this formula in Excel. =PMT(1%,72,0,-1000000,1)

    Assuming a 12% annualized growth rate (1% monthly) in MF you need to invest Rs.9455 each month to generate 10 Lacs.

    If you can increase this by 10,000 EACH YEAR = 833.33 per month this will generate an additional 1.9 Lacs in 6 years.

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