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POSTED BY RAJESH PAI ON October 21, 2010 2:13 pm COMMENTS (6)

HI All,

I Have Started Investing on the following Mutual Funds On SIP

HDFCTOP200   1000/- (Large & MID cap)

HDFC PRUDENCE 1000/-(Hybrid)


Is the Above funds are enough for teh investmnet or do i need to add any more funds ?




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  1. Harish Handa says:

    Continue to invest in these funds, but periodically review the performance of these MFs (probably each year)…Analyze it via using website and just see is it matching the expectations of yours financial goals.

    You increase monthly contribution in these MFs.


  2. RAJESH PAI says:

    Currently i will continue investment on exisiting funds only, as you suggested.
    Thanks Manish and Moneysavingshelp for your Valuable suggestion.


  3. Rajesh

    more funds does not always mean better. You can invest 6k in 2 funds or in 3 funds , 3 funds does not mean better .

    So if the existing 2 funds are good enough , you can just increase your investment in the same .

    But generally we buy 5-6 so that its diversified well ..


  4. RAJESH PAI says:

    But For IDFC Premier Equity Fund minimum SIP investment is 2000 /-

    Do you Suggest Reliance Growth (Min SIP is 100 /-) or Sundarm S.M.I.LE (min SIP is 250 /-) Or do you suggest any other MID cap fund

    My monthly Budget will be 4000 /- all together.

    or is it better to invest on large CAP fund like DSPBLOCKROCK100 (Min SIP is 1000 /-)


    1. You can continue with existing funds or another strategy is invest Rs.1000 in floating rate fund; which is 100% safe. You can shift this amount to equity when Sensex crashes. Generally, in down market, we neither have courage nor have money to invest; although we want to invest more. So, you’ll already be having extra money to invest.

      Hope it will help you.

  5. Well, that depends upon your budget. if you can invest more, add IDFC Premier Equity Fund also in your portfolio.

    Hope it will help you.

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