Mutual fund investing

POSTED BY imran khan ON August 24, 2011 5:56 pm COMMENTS (2)


I want to start SIP of 10000/- with time horizon of around 10-15 yrs

I have surfed the net regarding mutual funds but it all make me messed up.

Plz advice me about how many and what mutal funds i should go for, also how much money in each of them.

Also plz tell me about the new circular of SEBI about 100 rs transaction charge, suppose i do an SIP of 3000 in a fund then will 100 rs be deducted from it on each SIP?


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  1. imran khan says:

    Thanks Manish for ur advice
    I have heard a lot about Gold funds now a days like Reliance gold fund/ Kotak
    Will it be good to have a gold mutual fund in portfolio or not?
    If yes then how much maximum amount SIP would be sufficient and in which Gold mutual fund?

  2. Imran

    You can go for HDFC Top 200 and DSPBR top 200 for now … Divide half half money . MF transaction cost will not apply for now , its only in talk phase for now


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