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Dear Friends.


I am Doing SIP in Various Funds as below since Last 2 Years through MF Distributor.

Reliance RSF-G 1000/month

Relaince Gold Fund – 1000/Month

Kotak Gold Fund – 2000/Month

Idfc Premier Equity A – G 2000/Month

HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund – G – 1000/Month


So Total 7000 Per Month


I have Also linked my all the Above MF A/c Online With Respective AMCs by myself.


Now My Question is….

1) Is my Fund Selection Good for Capital Appreciation ?

2) Should I Continue With Broker or Should I Stop All SIPs and Start Fresh Same SIPs By Direct Plan by my own ? All the Above Plan are Selected by Myself Only


Thanks & Regards,

Chetan Maheta


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  1. Darshan says:

    Hi sir
    I am new to sip and would like to start. Is it gd to start with trader or direct from the fund compant. Which one is better to start with sip.trader is asking me 1 % as annual fee on investment.shall i go with him?

    1. Hi Darshan

      No you dont need to pay anything to trader. We can help you have your SIP started without any charges and we will give you access to a free platform for buy/sell by NSE . Just fill your details here –


  2. Dear Chetan, what ‘ll you get by remain invested in 3 different funds with a same asset class? Is it diversification or duplication? If you are comfortable for this thing, so be it. From financial point of view, to me it’s not suitable at all.



  3. CHETAN MAHETA says:

    Dear Ashal,

    I am Starting with Quantum Gold Fund Fresh SIPs which has nothing to do with old SIPs.

    As far as Old Gold Funds are Concerned I am Only Discontinuing SIPs and will Transfer to Direct Plan of Same Fund Because My Last Installment I Have Paid in March itself, so If I Am Switching to Direct Plan now I Have to Pay Exit Load.

    To Prevent Exit Load I will Switch after one Year


  4. Dear Chetan, ‘ll you transfer to direct plan of Quantum Gold fund from old Gold funds or direct plans of same gold funds? Why after 1Y, you are going to transfer?



  5. CHETAN MAHETA says:

    Dear Ashal,

    My Exiating Gold Investment will remain as it is for 1 Year and then I Will Transfer it to Direct Plan.

  6. Dear Chetan, what is so special about Gold that at any cost you want to invest in Gold funds. What ‘ll happen to your existing gold fund investment, if you opt to start fresh in Quantum Gold Fund?



  7. CHETAN MAHETA says:

    Dear Ashal,

    my purpose was not diversification rather it was attachment towards gold.

    Now I am thinking to discontinue both Gold SIPs and start fresh SIP in Quantum Gold Fund for Rs.1500/Month..

    is it good ?

    What about other Funds ?

    Thanks for your Comments..

  8. Dear chetan, on what basis you opted 2 gold funds? if the idea is diversification, show me the diversification when the underlying asset (Gold) is same in both funds. For rest, please follow dear FFC.



  9. Why two gold funds? One should do.
    You seem to have less of large-cap exposure. Best to increase it to reduce risk.
    Quantum gold savings and Quantum long term equity should take care of both.

    Switching is expected to give better returns over the long run. To switch stop your existing SIPs, start new ones and transfer the old sips when all units are more than a year old.

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