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POSTED BY vijay ghadge ON May 3, 2013 10:30 am COMMENTS (4)

Is DSP TOP 100 fund (g) is good to continue,i am investing since 2010.

Current returns are less compared to peers.

My investment horizon is 15 yrs.


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  1. vijay ghadge says:

    Thanks all.

  2. Vijay,

    You must develop a strategy to evaluate MFs.

    DSP top 100 has underperformed wrt its benchmark in the last year. However over 2 yrs and more it has done better.
    Its 1 yrs return is about 9% and the category avg. is 13%. This is not bad at all.
    1 yr is too short a time to judge a fund.

    So I agree with Ramesh. Hold on to it and watch it closely. You must understand it is similar to an index fund and will not do well unless the index itself is healthy.

    Over a 15 yr period taking decisions looking at 1 yr returns is equivalent or at least close to a knee jerk reaction.

  3. Ramesh says:

    It is good. Continue.

  4. Dear Vijay, Please switch your SIP to Franklin India Bluechip fund.

    Later on, you may switch your old money also.



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