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POSTED BY Vinaya ON January 11, 2013 2:50 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi, I am a single woman n expect to retire in a couple of years at age 49 nad need some advice on investments. so far i have opted for PF(maximum) and bank FDs. Pls suggest other investments for this year. Have invested 50k in PPF this year. 1 dependent – my mom.

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  1. All your investments so far are safe debt instruments. You will need to figure out if this corpus will generate enough pension for you in retirement. If yes then for how many years and if no what is the shortfall.

    Assuming there is no shortfall for the first few years of retirement, since you are only 49, you should think of investing for creating a higher retirement corpus and also for a health corpus for you (assuming both you and your mother have enough mediclaim).

    So you could invest in balanced mutual funds. This will give about 10-12% returns over a long period.

    you could use this guide for selecting mutual funds:

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