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POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON December 10, 2010 10:50 am COMMENTS (9)

Just want to know from all the members that what all other categories we need on this forum , I already have following categories .


  • Financial Planning
  • General
  • Health Insurance
  • Income Tax
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Product-Related
  • Real-Estate
  • Stock Market

And today I added two more categories which are

  • Banking
  • Loans

Do you think any more categories need to be introduced which would help others to put a questions in certain category while asking ?

Please suggest what ever comes to your mind, please suggest after deep thought , dont just suggest some thing very common which can not be categorised ! .

Looking forward to suggestions .


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  1. Jagadees says:

    Stock markets can be divided into value/Long term investing and Technical investing.
    can we add Investor Grievance category?
    and category for International news of relative importance to stock market. I found that china real estate bubble discussion quite useful.


    1. Investors greviance was a good idea !


  2. Ramesh Mangal says:

    Some more,

    Market theories (Fundamental / Technical / Value / Growth).
    News that Moves (eg China / PIIGS).


  3. Ramesh Mangal says:


    In my view,

    Categories should be broad-based. So home insurance should come in Insurance. Maybe You can subdivide the Insurance cats into 3- Life Insurance, General Insurance and ULIPs.
    My other suggestions:
    – Stock Markets (includes Derivatives). Maybe Investing in Stock Markets and Trading in Stock Markets can be divided into 2!
    – Mutual Funds. Division into 3/4 not required (equity,debt,balanced,index).
    – Alternative Investments (including gold, commodities). Maybe gold canbe separated!
    – Real Estate (although part of alternative investments but requires a separate cat).
    – Investing Myths / Fads / Debates
    – Financial Planning or Personal Finance.
    – Income Tax / more general term Taxes (there have been lot of questions regarding the tax treatment of funds. Also with DTC, there will be flurry of such questions). May DTC as a separate cat is required.
    – Banking, Loans, Credit Cards. Probably require 3 separate cat or can be amalgamated into a single one.
    – No general category. Let it go to ‘questions’. 🙂
    – Remove Product-related.

    Regarding your point related to finer and granular detail, you have given Tags for that only. Though they are poorly used, but they are for that only. You cannot do the work of Tags by the Categories.


  4. Ramesh Mangal says:


    Can’t you rename “questions” to “general”?

    IMHO, trading and value-investing should come in Stock Market. While demat-account can come in your banking.

    Ulips is an interesting new option (though that will come in Life Insurance / Products) but because of the interest and controversy, it can be added as a separate category.


    1. Ramesh

      We want to fine grain the questions category as much as possible , so if some thing is related specifically to ULIP’s , it should come in ULIP’s . If some thing is specific to “Home Insurance” , it shoudl come under ” Home Insurance” , not “Insurance” . As this forum woudl have around 10000 questions in coming 4-5 yrs, dont you think very high level categories wiill be a bad idea to have ? We should have finer and granular detail of category !


  5. Ramesh

    If no category is choosen , the questions foes to category “Questions” which is by default in the theme I am using , cant do much about it

    What about these cateogories

    – Trading
    – Value-Investing
    – Demat-accounts
    – Debate
    – ULIPs

  6. Ramesh Mangal says:


    What is the difference in the categories of “General” and “Questions”? Need trimming there!

    Also Loans maybe included with Banking as Banking & Loans.


  7. sidrana7 says:

    nri matters

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