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POSTED BY chandan n ON February 25, 2013 1:52 pm COMMENTS (5)

I am here to know and discuss about investments/deposits which we all are doing in our everyday lives.

Like I have taken a plan for 20 yrs LIC where i shall get 5 lakhs after 20 yrs and in every 5 yrs 1 lakh rs. The premium that I am paying is 32043 Rs only. So I would like to know what others in this forum are investing in for a long term please share it here by replying to this thread. It would help us all.

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  1. Dear Chandan, sorry for the typo error, You may catch me on facebook also. 😉



  2. Dear Chandan, As on date I’m out of India, so you ‘ll be getting the caller tone of International roaming. As your no. is unknown to me, I’m not receiving it either. Regarding my mail ID, please ask dear Manish to get it. As per forum policy, direct mail ID quoting is not allowed. is his mail id. He ‘ll help you to reach me.

    Alternatively, you may catch you on facebook also.

    As you want to discuss things personally, hence I’m not answering any more. Hope it’s ok to you.



  3. chandan n says:

    Its from LIC

  4. chandan n says:

    Ashal its the money back policy for 20 years which the agent suggested me. Since I am a novice, I just went for it but now everyone is telling me that I made a big mistake trusting him. So you tell me did I made a big mistake. My family trusts him for so long. So just wanted an opinion from you. Also I need your contact details Ashal. The number that you have posted seems to be incorrect when I try to call u locally from Mumbai. So how do I get in touch with you. Do you have any email address or something so that I can email you.

    Also I would like to know of any good Money back policies where I can invest more 20k every year. I dont know anything about Mutual funds/shares. So kindly let me know some good plans on what I should invest so that I can make good amount of money in long term. I am single and unmarried and 32 yrs old now.

  5. Dear Chandan, what’s the name of the policy you are investing in? How much insurance is there in this policy? On what basis you selected this plan for yourself?



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