Missed paying PPF money this year

POSTED BY s ghumre ON April 3, 2013 6:55 pm COMMENTS (9)

I have a PPF account since 2005. I was regular in adding funds to it every year. However, this year I have missed paying. Will my PPF amount be still active? As far as I know (I might be wrong), one has to pay for 14 years in continuity..

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  1. ksaurav54 says:

    Hi Investors,
    I have a problem as follows.

    Situation: I have opened a PPF account in SBI in 2014 (INR 5000) . However I missed the minimum requirement payment INR 500 in 2015. But I have payed 50000 in 2016 through net banking online transfer.

    I assume that the account is inactive

    Action: I read that you can pay minimum 500 for year 2015 and a penalty INR 50 to reactivate it.

    Q-1- Can I do it online ? without going to the bank and putting an application?
    Q-2 Will I loose interest from 2015 till today?
    Q-3- Where can I see the Active/inactive status for PPF account?

    Your help is much appreciated.


    1. I dont think it will be good idea to do this online right now . Better visit the branch and settle this case first

      1. Saurav says:

        Thanks a lot Manish for your reply.

        I am not in India now and will return next year (may /June). Is it a good idea to put some contribution in April in 2017 for 2017-18 financial year?

        Will I loose interest for 2015 onward ?


        1. No ,there is nothing like that. You get monthly interest in PPF

  2. Dear S ghumre, just a small addition to dear Manish’s reply, please pay in total 100550 Rs. into your PPF account or the next FY target + 550 Rs. on or before 5th april to get full year’s interest. Any delay ‘ll cost you interest reduction.



  3. s ghumre says:

    Thanks for a quick response Manish! 🙂

  4. Dont worry a lot , all you need to now do is , pay Rs 50 penalty and Rs 500 for last year (min payment) and everything will be just fine .. the mistake you did is not worth loosing sleep 🙂


    1. Vinodh says:

      Hi Even I am in same situation. I have kept my PPF a/c inactive for four years and this financial year, I have made some deposit.

      What I would like to know is if I can make more than the minimum deposit for my missed years. Like now its 1.5 lakhs per year, and wondering if I can make 6 lakhs deposit this financial year. Will the a/c accept it.

      1. No they will not accept . You just submit the minimum Rs 50 penalty and 500 for each year as the minimum deposit and activate it

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